First Fully-Equipped Ancient Kitchen Discovered In The Kingdom Of Lydia

– Have you ever wondered what a really ancient kitchen looked like? If so, now you have a chance to see one.

Archaeologists have discovered 2,600-year-old kitchen in the ancient Kingdom of Lydia. It is the first time a fully-equipped kitchen belonging to the Kingdom of Lydia has been discovered in Anatolia, Turkey.

The ancient kitchen was unearthed in Dascylium ancient city in Turkey’s western province of Balıkesir.

During excavations at the site, researchers found kitchenware including containers, mortars (made up of basalt stone) and some fish bones and seeds.

Closer examination of the site revealed the kitchen was used during Bronze Age.

“It was discovered that our findings including architectural structures, tablets, cult stuff and stoneware belong to the Kingdom of Lydia and Phrygians and date back to eight century BC,” head of the excavation team Kaan İren, who is a lecturer in the Department of Archeology in Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University in Turkey said.

“In another point in the area, we found two kitchens which date back the 600 and 540 BC. We found one these kitchens on the top of the other.”

“Below one was collapsed due to fire then the second one was built on it but this one also collapsed due to another fire.” İren said.

The investigation also found more than 20 feet of wall that had been built to strengthen a burial mound, in addition to rock-cut tombs.

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