Film Maker to Document North Wales’ UFO Sightings

By Kate Forrester

STRANGE objects in the sky above Flintshire and Wrexham have attracted the interest of a film-maker.

London-based film-maker, Ben Dodd, contacted the Evening Leader to let us know about his plans to make a documentary on a spate of UFO sightings that have been reported in the North Wales area.

Dozens of residents have come forward to share their experiences, since Flint mayor Terry Renshaw reported seeing a mysterious ‘pipe-like’ object looming above his home on September 27.

Ben, who works freelance and is originally from Prestatyn, said he wanted to look into the sightings across north Wales because he finds the area and its people ‘really interesting’.

He added: “When I heard about Terry’s story, I was interested in finding out more, because he is a town mayor and obviously a respectable figure.

“I have made a few films about north Wales in the past, as I come from there and love the area.

“I’m planning to spend a couple of months researching what has been going on before I start filming the actual documentary.”

An ex-Yale College student, Ben has made a number of successful films and adverts since getting his first production job – making tea at a London firm.

He said: “I moved on to Plymouth College of Art and Design after Yale College and then went down to London to try my best to get a job.

“I’ve been making films since I was 16. I’m self-employed now, and I hope this latest project is successful.

“I’m hoping to speak to as many people as I can from the Flintshire and Wrexham area, whether they have seen a UFO or can offer an explanation for a sighting.”

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