Feds Reportedly Funded $22 Million On Secret UFO Program

The US government allegedly spent around $22 million funding in their apparent suspicion that the truth was out there. The New York Times reported that Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program remains in existence even though the Department of Defense decided to cancel the funding in 2012.
The program investigated sightings of fast moving aircraft with no visible sightings of propulsion or hovering aircraft with no apparent means of a lift, the Times reported. It also allegedly studied videos of encounters between American military plane and unknown objects.

According to the newspaper, the initial funding of the program came mainly at Sen. Harry Reid’s request. The senator is a Democrat from Nevada and has had a long-held interest in space phenomena, the Times reported. Just last week, Reid renewed his call for the federal government to fund UFO research in a tweet that linked to the report of the Times and borrowed the famous tagline from The X-Files “the truth is out there.”
In a subsequent tweet, Reid wrote if anyone says they have the answers, they are fooling themselves. He added that they do not know the answers, but they have plenty of evidence to support asking the questions. He stressed that this is about science and national security, and if the US does not take the lead in answering these questions, others will.
Reid, who retired from Congress this year, told the Times he was proud of the program saying that it is one of the good things he did in his congressional service. He believed he had done something that no one has done before.

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