Family Photograph A UFO While On Yorkshire Moors

A Star Trek shaped UFO spotted flying in the sky above Yorkshire moorland. A family claimed to have snapped a photo of a dark gray object that seems to have a halo around it. Nicole Smith, 19, used her smartphone to capture pictures of the scenery during a family outing in Bronte waterfalls in West Yorkshire.
Nicole was with her parents Catherine and Shane when she accidentally caught the UFO on one of her photos. Catherine, 49, said that the family went for a day out in Haworth and decided to travel to the moor and stopover near a footpath leading to the waterfalls.
From where the car was parked, it was approximately two and a half mile walk.
On their way back from the falls, Nicole was snapping random photos of the scenery and sheep at around 5:30 p.m. using her mobile phone.
It was only when they were home Nicole noticed the strange object in the picture as she was scanning through the photos.
American optical physicist Bruce Maccabee, formerly employed by the U.S. Navy and now a leading UFOlogist, said that the image is tiny to get a good resolution.
The fact that it wasn’t seen at the time of capture, no information on distance can be obtained. Maccabee suspects that it could be some insect within ten feet from the camera.
Philip Mantle, former British UFO Research Association director, saw no evidence of any tampering or fakery of the photo. However, the object could be something very small that is too close to the camera lens because it has a type of halo around it.
Considering the location where the photo was taken, Mantle thinks the object could be a grass pollen or a bug.

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