Family Observed Cross-shaped UFO in the UK

WHEN you think of alien invasions, a variety of landing sites spring to mind.

Cornfields are always a popular choice, as are the backwaters of the USA’s Deep South.

But for Pentrebach’s Christine Williams, a terrifying first encounter may have happened closer to home – near the McArthurglen on the M4.

The 44-year-old was driving back from a visit to her daughters-in-law at 10.40 pm on July 11 with the family, when husband Robert happened to look up at the passenger window.

The mother-of-three said: “At first we just thought it was lights, but then we saw there were about 13 of them, in the shape of a cross.”

As the family pulled over to take a closer look, Christine claims their curiosity was replaced with fear as the lights began to move.

Mrs Williams, of Church Terrace, said: “The lights were orange, flicking on and off. Over the space of 10 minutes, they got smaller in the sky and disappeared one by one.

“To be honest, we were very frightened, because it was something so strange. The sky was clear and the lights just kept getting smaller.”

Christine believes another car on the opposite hard shoulder may have seen the same phenomenon, but was unable to identify the car because of the lack of lighting.

And while 12-year-old William, 10-year-old Pearl and seven-year-old Logan have calmed down after their upset reaction to the lights, Christine says she is still fielding awkward questions about the event.

She said: “The children were frightened and kept asking questions about it, if they would come and take them. Logan was in my lap upset.

“We know it shouldn’t be here. I’ve always believed in something else but seeing is believing.”

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