Extraordinary Discovery Of ‘Time Capsule’ Belonging To Jules Verne – It May Contain Unpublished Works

– If you are a fan of Jules Verne, then you’ll find this news exciting. A metal bow belonging to Jules Verne has been discovered in the vicinity of the French Pyrenees in the Occitaine region.

The contents of this potential “time capsule” are currently being analyzed and it’s very possible it contains writing and unpublished works written by Jules Verne (1828 – 1905), who is today widely regarded as the father of science fiction.

The “time capsule” was found by archaeologists and historians from the Paris Descartes University and The Explorers Club NYC. While scanning the region with drones and ground-penetrating radar they detected a metal container dating from the end of the 19th century.

The investigation started thanks to the meticulous study of the works of Jules Verne and, in particular, analysis of the famous author’s tomb. With all of the material collected and using complex geolocation algorithms, the team was able to identify the area in which they might find some kind of object associated with Verne.

The next step now is to examine the contents of the metal box and make sure everything is preserved during this process. It’s vital that the items inside are not contaminated.

The items themselves have deteriorated with the passage of time and damp from being underground for so long. The archaeologists have also found engravings on the outside of the box which have become barely legible due to oxidation.

Preliminary X-ray studies have already revealed some of the time capsule’s secrets. There are indeed documents, books and metal objects of different sizes and shapes inside. Hopefully there could also be unpublished works inside and with some luck, they may be published and enjoyed by all science fiction fans one day.

Scientists are still cautious but they stated the conclusions of their studies indicate the existence of new works or new evidence from that time period.

For the moment, it has not been possible to prove conclusively that the box and its contents belonged to Jules Verne or someone close to him. However, everything points to the possibility that they may discover unpublished documents belonging to the writer.

According to the local press, the second phase of the operation is already underway, which will involve further study and could lead to the contents of the box being revealed to the public at a press conference over the coming months.

Jules Verne was a remarkable man. Instead of following in his father’s footsteps as an attorney, Verne became very interested in literature and his passion for books led to a writing carrier.He was a man ahead of his time who predicted the future. His legacy lives on and his works have contributed to the world of science.

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