Exposing the Secret Space Program

Since the eighties there is a secret space program running where the people know nothing about.

Professor of history and UFO researcher Richard Dolan has collected 20 years evidence about the secret space program.

During this lecture Dolan presents all his research. He came to the shocking discovery that we have a strong presence in the solar system and are not alone in the universe.

Anti Gravity

Dolan can count on support from the Scottish computer hacker Gary McKinnon who searched US government computers to find evidence of UFOs, antigravity and free energy.

He says to have actually found evidence. According to him, the US runs a secret space program and the country would have a secret spaceship manned by “non-terrestrial officers”. The US has reportedly antigravity devices.

Prevent Nuclear War

It should be clear that there is more happening in and around the Earth than we are told. The late astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, said shortly before his death that peaceful aliens have prevented a nuclear war on Earth.

Mitchell told the media that the aliens have foiled a nuclear war between the US and Russia. That’s why they came to Earth, according to him, they flew their UFOs over US missile bases and top White Sands, where the first atomic bomb exploded.

by Lionsground

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