Ex-US Air Force Captain Says A UFO Destroyed Ten Nukes

Conspiracy theorists believe high-profile witnesses were pledging to remain quiet about extraterrestrial-related events. However, a former U.S. Air Force captain has broken that promise. Captain David D Schindele was the Minot Air Force Base missile field’s Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile launch crew commander in North Dakota.
Schindele was at a launch control facility, close to Mohall, North Dakota in December 1966 when a bizarre event took place.
Schindele claimed that a UFO destroyed ten nuclear-tipped missiles in which he was in charge.
UFOs had been reported in the local area, according to the Minot Daily News front page story on December 6, 1966.
Schindele claimed air force officials ordered him to keep quiet about it. However, he has now claimed that he tells the real story of the event in the new book titled “It Never Happened, Volume 1.” Schindele revealed that many of them witnessed unworldly events at Minuteman facilities, but they were all instructed to shut their mouth up about them. He said that they never realised at the time that many others among them were also witnessing incidents.
He explained that he heard some years ago of a similar incident experienced by a missiler named Captain Robert Salas who was connected to Malmstrom AFB in Montana with the same general timeframe as his own incident. Schindele then decided to conduct research on Air Force cover-up to find out the reason why the Air Force told them to keep silent.
Schindele said that he spent six and a half years for the first volume and also realised that a second volume would be necessary to make it complete.

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