Enormous-sized UFO Witnessed over Dover, Delaware

Around midnight I was taking my dog outside to use the bathroom and while I was doing that I looked up in the sky as usual and saw 4 lights in the shape of a diamond.

The way the lights were positioned it looked like a plane. One light in the front one on each side and one in the back but this was too big and too low to be a plane.

A plane that low would make sound, but this made no noise and it hovered for a moment before flying.

But what struck me was its size. We live next to Dover AFB and see C5 airplanes all the time and this was not that.

(Plus I come from a family of airplane enthusiasts).

I’d say from its altitude it was about 8 miles in total length and width. There is no plane that big and it was completely quiet. I stared at it for about 1 minute then it disappeared into the clouds.

I know what I saw and I know for an absolute fact this was not an airplane.

MUFON or someone needs to send an investigator to Delaware this is my third report within 4 months. Plus lots of other people’s reports. Something is happening in Delaware.

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