Eerie bright green ‘flying saucer’ spotted over the Great Barrier Reef before mysteriously vanishing

AN Australian woman believes she has snapped a picture of a bright green “flying saucer” over the Great Barrier Reef.

Jenny Morrison was returning from Elford Reef, about 50km east of her hometown of Cairns in Queensland, after spending a day at sea with pals, and took a series of photographs of the sunset on her iPhone.

She believes she snapped a UFO flying off Fitzroy Island, while she was sailing back to the mainland from a reef fishing trip on Saturday afternoon.

When she later examined the photos, she noticed in several of the images an inexplicable luminous green dot shrouded in a distinctive flying saucer shape.

She said: “There’s this little light, that looks just like a bit of water on the lens.

“I haven’t edited the photos, or done anything to them.

“When you look through the photos, though, the dot is in the middle of a saucer-shaped shadow thing. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Adding to the mystery, the green dot eventually vanishes from the last few photographs in the series.

Jenny said she did not notice anything with her naked eye, when she took the photos.

“It’s so weird. It looks really real — like something you’d see on TV,” she said. “It’s crazy.”

Far North Queensland is considered a UFO hotspot, with several sightings of mystery aircraft in the sky over several decades.

The Cardwell UFO Festival, held each October, celebrates the region’s interstellar links by inviting the public to share their experiences of the unexplained.


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