Edwards AFB Visited by UFOs, UFO Casebook Files

I am a film producer who is a product of the 1950s; the Saucer Scares, the Cold War, and the beginning of the U.S. Government’s official denial of ET visitation of Planet Earth.

I guess I have always thought our world was being visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere.

When I had a UFO sighting in 1961 and was ridiculed for trying to discuss it, I became determined to probe and study the UFO issue for as long as it took to discover the truth. 

As a logical outcome of that long-term goal, I spent years researching and collating data in preparation of the production of a major film documentary on the UFO/ET issue. I finally got to the point of starting production in 1992.

However, so strong is our programmed cultural and political denial of ET visitation that even members of my own staff treated me as an object of derision.

This only made me more determined than ever to solve the UFO enigma, and I then began going straight to the very institutions which were withholding the truth from us: our own Military and Space agencies.

My goal was to somehow obtain legitimate hard data from them that would be virtually impossible to debunk. 

Back on the night of October 7, 1965, an event of historic proportions, a true landmark in UFO history, took place – the actual incursion over Edwards Air Force Base in the Palmdale/Lancaster area of California’s Mojave Desert of a number of extraterrestrial craft.

If this astonishing event is now, finally, gaining any measurable attention, it is a direct result of my efforts. I make that statement in all humility… it is simply the truth.

In fact, this unprecedented event is not to be found in any of the major UFO books, and with the exception of a few UFO magazines reviewing my work, and interviews done with me on various programs, this event still remains virtually unknown. 

What makes this historic intrusion and visit so important is that the US Air Force thoroughly documented it and even gave it a code name: “The Incident.”

During that fall night in 1965, it seems that 12 luminous UFOs came right down low and just over a secure military runway.

These craft were all sighted visually by Air Force personnel and by several types of radar.

Further, the Air Force scrambled several jet fighters after them and during the event the possible use of nuclear weapons even became an issue.

The entire incident was additionally documented with written reports, radar photos, and AUDIO TAPES made by Air Force personnel while they were actually SEEING the objects, FLYING AFTER the objects, and considering taking SERIOUS MILITARY ACTION against what they might imply as a threat. 

From my calculations at least 40 hours of recordings were made (a five hour event recording from at least 8 locations).

However, only six hours of tapes were de-classified many years ago as a mass of noise and unclear voices, which truly defied interpretation.

They had SCRAMBLED the tapes into what they felt was a hopeless jumble of random pieces of conversation utterly out of sequence and logical progression.

When I realized what had been done, it presented a challenge which made me determined to find out what was hidden within that chaotic mass of sound. 

After many months and countless hours of laborious research, cataloging, and editing the snips and pieces of the audio tape, I was able to organize the sound so the conversations could be understood.

I had successfully restored the tapes to their original and correct sequencing. I then added carefully researched narration, which explained what was taking place, so that the listener would clearly understand the unfolding event. 

As narrator, I sought out Jackson Beck, the true dean of radio announcers and films commentators – the voice of the Paramount Newsreel, countless original Military films, and even the original narrator of the Superman radio program.

Mr. Beck is now heard on many important new national radio and TV commercials. His voice is known to millions, even if his name is not.

I felt he would add credibility to the narration of this astonishing historical event.

In fact, he told me that he has made a life long study of the UFO field and has had several important sightings himself. 

The resulting reconstructed tapes are now ironclad documented proof of the existence of extraterrestrial UFO visitation to this planet.

I have sent copies of my finished product directly to a number of major Government Agencies and have received NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS!

Not a single Official Agency has tried to debunk or discredit the event, or my presentation of the tapes. 

Furthermore, The CSETI organization has used my tape presentation in meetings with members of Congress with the aim of having our government tell the public the truth of ET involvement on the Earth.

TSgt Charles Sorrels, heard prominently on the original Edwards recordings of October 7, 1965, and in newly-produced segments confirming the event, made the presentation in Washington which featured my documentary version of the Edwards Tapes.

And yes, the plane spotters at Edwards KNEW that UFOs or UFOBs, as they called them then, were not our “black” projects, Soviet bombers, or any known aircraft – they were unknown, fabulously high-tech craft with capabilities beyond any known technology.

And… as they said on the old Superman series: “far beyond that of Mortal Man!”

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