Dr. Botta Went Inside Flying Saucer in 1950: The Explicit Encounter

Since there are flying objects that cannot be identified readily, people relate them to extraterrestrials since out of the thousands of sightings, several of them pertains to bright strange shaped object to disk-shaped vessels. For some, the appearance of humanoid creatures. Given that most sightings came from ordinary residents, and were easily debunked due to the lack of evidence, what happened when a doctor confessed to having encountered a flying saucer? Dr. Botta is a credible person that doesn’t believe in extraterrestrial. Unlike others, the doctor’s case was given much weight because the encounter is intense.
In 1950, Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta passed his story to Horacio Gonzales at a UFO conference in 1955. At the time of the encounter, Dr. Botta was 40 years old. Since he has a reputable image, he was well respected. Before he became a doctor, he was an ex-war pilot and aeronautical engineer. Botta was driving on the highway in Bahia Blanca when he saw a mysterious metallic disc-shaped object landed on the grass. To watch it apparently, he stopped the car. Since it has no sign of movement, he has gotten closer to the object. Since it is accessible, he decided to go inside.
As he explored further, he saw a divan with four seats. Three were occupied by small beings that are about four feet tall with tiny bodies. The three humanoid creatures were facing on a control panel. As soon as he met the creatures, he realized they were dead. He then panicked and rushed from the saucer and went back to his hotel to share the story with his friends. They planned to go back to see the mysterious humanoid creature, but the craft was not there anymore. As they looked above, they saw a cigar-shaped object hovering the sky.
Even though the details of the strange happenings are less likely feasible, the reputation and character of Botta make this case difficult to discount.

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