Did Disney Teen Actress Accidentally Photograph A UFO Over NYC?

Aliens and UFOs are back at the center stage of the media recently after the release of Netflix’s Stranger Things, as well as The X-Files revival. Several celebrities have come forward to share their UFO encounters, including William Shatner, Victoria Beckham, and John Lennon. Shatner later admitted to lying about it, though.
On August 23, Tuesday, Girl Meets World actress and teen feminist personality Rowan Blanchard can be added to the list of celebrities who have infamously claimed to have seen UFOs over the years. The 14-year-old Disney star shared her visit in New York City with a picture of an unusual object in the sky. The UFO can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of the photo.
Blanchard captioned the picture in her Instagram post that the odd aerial thing wasn’t there physically and just appearing in the photograph.
Typically, with the advancement of trick photography, this would be dismissed as a hoax or just unusual lighting. However, a tiny historical factoid could bring weight to the space UFO or alien theory on this picture. On exact the same day, 42 years ago, John Lennon spotted a UFO in NYC. It was Blanchard’s friend and makeup artist Amy Strozzi who did some research and learned of the ET connection.

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