Cylinder UFO Flying Low Reported Over California

A fast moving, cylinder object was noticed crossing the horizon in approximately eight seconds in Lincoln, California. An unnamed witness reported their sighting to MUFON, which filed it in Case 82671 in its witness reporting database.
According to the report, the witness observed the mysterious object flying from the northeast to the northwest at a very high speed while sitting at a northbound stop light at 2:45 in the afternoon on March 16, 2017.
The witness estimated the size to be the same as the bus flying between 1,000 and 1,200 feet up. They said that the object managed to cross 60 percent of the horizon in just around eight seconds. The witness revealed that his wife also saw the bizarre aerial thing. They thought of a drone but changed their mind when they did not see any propulsion.
The reporting witness claimed that they are familiar with aircraft as a resident on several Air Force bases.
Shelley Goodman, a MUFON-California field investigator, closed the case as Unknown. Goodman said that she had a chat with both witnesses, who told her that they both saw the unusual object from the intersection at 110 Lincoln Blvd in California. The reporting witness revealed to her that he was in the Air Force and that he knows all about aircraft, including its speed. The witness said that the UFO flew through the sky three times faster than any plane. The object was underneath the cloud cover when they saw it clearly.

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