Crop Circles

Crop Circles
Crop Circles are elaborate designs formed in wheat and grain fields. The stalks of the grain have been laid flat, usually in a circular or flowing pattern.

Eighty-five percent of all crop circles appear in England in a concentrated area about twenty miles from Stonehenge. However, they appear annually all over the world, even near heavily populated cities. The first seasonal crop circles of 1996 were found in Laguna Beach, California. Many dramatic crop circles have appeared in Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and the United States.

Some History
Crop circles first began appearing in grain fields in England in 1975. In 1990 the designs of these circles became increasingly more complex.

The Designs
Crop circle formations are absolutely stunning in their design, intricacy, and precise measurements. Many of them are huge, covering the space of ten football fields. When carefully measured, the geometrical designs are accurate to within an eighth of an inch! This is true even if the formation is a thousand feet long! (That’s the height of a hundred-story building.) For example, a hundred-foot circle will have an accurate and identical radius on all sides to within the thickness of a single stalk of grain.

Pictograms and Insectograms
Some of the more complex designs are called pictograms. Insectograms are designs that resemble insects, although there is no apparent relationship of crop circles to insects. It’s just a name.


Cellular Changes
The grasses involved in crop circles all exhibit cellular changes. Anyone, with little or no training and just using the naked eye can take a stalk of grain from a crop circle and compare it to another stalk from the same field that was not a part of the crop circle and clearly see the difference. Crop-circle grass has expanded nodes and stalks will be bent up to a 90-degree angle with no breakage.

You can see the expansion and change of every single cell of the crop circle grass with a basic elementary school microscope. Although many have tried, no one has discovered any process on earth that can duplicate these cellular changes.

Magnetic Fields and Radioactivity
Crop circles have a strong magnetic field in and around them, which is measurable. Many crop circles also exhibit strange patterns of radioactivity in which the level of radioactivity at a given spot will fluctuate up and down. According to our laws of physics, this is thought to be impossible because radioactivity is constant. That’s why it is used for carbon-dating ancient artifacts.

Grass Direction
True crop circles often have several layers of grass in the design. Often the bottom layers of grass will flow in one direction, while another layer on top flows in the complete opposite direction. The grass has even been found delicately braided together.

Metallic disks
Often, thin metallic disks about the size of a quarter are found in crop circles. They have also been found near cattle mutilations. When these disks were analyzed by metallurgy labs at the University of Michigan and at MIT, they were found to be composed of a combination of titanium, silicone, and oxygen. Both labs concluded that no industrial match can be found on this planet.

Not only that, but when the disks were touched by any metal object such as tweezers or a pen, they immediately turned into a clear liquid. The labs theorized that the disks had somehow been electrically charged, with the charge maintaining the molecular structure of the disk. When touched with metal, the charge was grounded and dissipated, which allowed the “metal” to return to its true liquid form.

Why do People Associate Crop Circles With UFOs?
1. Crop circles often appear in areas shortly after there have been UFO   sightings.

  1. Because nobody on earth has been able to duplicate a true crop circle, certainly not at the cellular level, the assumption is made that it must therefore be extraterrestrial in origin.

Some Amazing Correlations
Most crop circles in England appear near the ancient structure known as Stonehenge. Many of the formations accurately reproduce the dimensions and configurations of Stonehenge to within a few centimeters.

Based on mathematical relationships and the theories of Euclidean geometry, the measurements of various crop circles appear to demonstrate many universal laws. Their measurements have been shown to correspond exactly to:

* Notes of the musical scale.

* Electrical circuitry.

* DNA strands and genetic relationships.

* Sacred geometry/hyper-dimensional physics.

* Ancient symbols found only in such places as the pyramids of Egypt,
Stonehenge, and Mayan and Aztec temples.

* Solar systems and asteroid trajectories.

* Mathematical equations.

* Advanced geometry.

*  Molecular structure.

Ironically, this list is an almost exact duplicate of the items the U.S. space program put onto the Voyager spacecraft in an effort to contact other life forms.

The crop circles appear to be footprints of an actual three dimensional form, much like a CAT scan. A CAT scan is a picture of a slice of a three dimensional object. For example, a CAT scan of your brain shows different regions from a slice of your brain, which is a three dimensional object.

Birds Fly Around Them
If we had the proper device, we might see that the crop circle is a slice of an invisible three dimensional form that surrounds it. In fact, when a flock of birds approaches a crop circle, it splits ranks to avoid flying above the formation (just as if a building or a solid object were there) and then reforms after passing the crop circle.

People who stand inside a crop circle often experience a dramatic rush of emotions and increased perceptual abilities.

What About Hoaxes? 
Two farmers in England, both over the age of sixty-five when they announced themselves, claimed they were responsible for making crop circles by using wooden boards and string. Doug Bower and Dave Chorley claimed the crop circles were a hoax they perpetrated. These infamous jokers are now known simply as “Doug and Dave.”

As the crop circles began to get more publicity, they attracted thousands of sight-seers trampling across private crops and farm land. The claim by the farmers is well known to be an attempt by locals to stop this trespassing and loss in revenue from damaged crops.

Some Key Points:
When asked to demonstrate how they made the circles, the farmers pushed down a few feet of grass with a board, but refused to create an entire formation.

Many crop circles have appeared on the same night, often hundreds of miles apart. Crop circles have also appeared in Canada on the same nights as these farmers claimed to have created circles in England.

The two farmers have been unable to recreate the cellular changes in the grain or the accompanying magnetic and radioactive fields. They also could not duplicate the 90-degree bends without breaking the grasses. And lastly, they could not get the grasses to flow all in the same direction.

Dave Chorley has since died and crop circles have continued to appear every year.

A number of eyewitnesses claim to have seen crop circles created within a matter of seconds. The formations were so complex that it would have taken an army of people many hours just to attempt to create it by hand.

On July 8, 1996 three people all witnessed the formation of an elaborate crop circle. A groundskeeper and a security officer had walked by a wheat field at about 5:30 p.m. The field was completely normal. At the same time a pilot flew his plane over the field and stated that the field was normal. Less than an hour later the pilot flew back over the field and discovered a huge crop circle. He was so excited by his discovery he radioed it in to the Thruxton Airport. The security officer and groundskeeper were also shocked when they returned within the hour and found the crop circle.

The crop circle that the three witnesses found was the design of a very complicated mathematical equation which had been discovered by French mathematicians in the early 1900s, a calculation known as a Julia Set. The crop circle was comprised of 149 circles stretching over a square acre.

Recently, a videotape surfaced which purported to show the actual creation of a crop circle. The video shows a ball of light descending from the sky. It rapidly circles a grain field, creating a crop circle and then shoots off into space at a high rate of speed. It all looks pretty impressive, except the guy who showed up with it is known to be a special effects whiz on the computer. So, odds are it’s a fake.

Phone Home
Crop circles are a mind-boggling phenomenon. Their implications are dramatic, and they are studied very seriously by other countries in the world. Unfortunately, in the United States they are relegated to the front page of tabloids and to television shows like “Unsolved Mysteries.” The momentary claim of a hoax is all the American public is likely to hear about. These circles appear to be literal and congruent responses to the signals we sent out to the universe in the name of science.

It may be that someone has returned our call!

Theories About Crop Circles
There are about as many theories about what crop circles are or what they mean as there are people on this planet. However, there is one theory that I feel stands head and shoulders above the rest, and here’s why:

  1. It is the only theory into which virtually every crop circle ever created seems to fit. In fact, according to this theory, every crop circle is needed, like pieces of a giant puzzle.
  2. The person who discovered this applied a simple but logical approach and came up with an all-encompassing concept.
  3. This theory seems to work and I have not seen a better, more thoroughly researched explanation.
  4. This is really self-serving, but I like this theory because it ties in perfectly to this book.


Flying Saucer Theory
This is essentially what the theory says, that crop circles are really telling us how to construct our very own flying saucer. A former Air Force and commercial airline pilot for twenty-four years, Doug Ruby decided to take a simple approach in his investigation of crop circles: Why not treat them like schematics?

Ruby approached each crop circle as if it were a flat, two-dimensional schematic of a three-dimensional item, just like a blueprint is for a building. He started with the least complicated crop-circle designs first. Then, he simply built the item.
Energy Fields

After he built the first items, they didn’t look like much. They looked like some partially constructed toy from a child’s Tinker-toy set. Then Ruby had an intuitive thought: Why not spin the item, put it in motion? Voila! When the objects were spun they literally took on a whole other dimension. For example, it became apparent that one part that merely looked like a ball stuck on a pole was representing an energy field that could only be seen when it was spun. Without spinning the model these energy fields would have remained invisible.


A Logical Progression
Ruby also discovered that each crop circle builds on the other ones. Fortunately he started out with photos or diagrams of almost all the major crop circles that had ever been created, which gave him, essentially, a full set of blueprints when he started, allowing him to actually “see ahead” as he constructed each model, just like an engineer or architect.


A Working Model
When scale models are built from these blueprints and they are all put together the crop circles tell us exactly how flying saucers are built, how they work, what powers them, and why they are shaped like saucers. The crop circles are an amazing presentation of a technical puzzle and Ruby’s work ends up being sheer genius.

Ruby has had confirmation of his theories and models from nuclear physicists and engineers. The crop circles even diagram the power source and tell how it works.


Adamski Beamships
When Ruby assembled models of the spacecraft from the crop circle schematics, the models look exactly like the type of flying saucer commonly referred to as the “Adamski beamships.” Ruby’s description of how the ships work confirms the statements of many people over the years about the rotating rings on the saucers as well as the interference with electrical devices.


Key Element
There is, however, one little problem, one that would prevent our scientists from building one of these craft to spec right now. The crop circles identify an atomic particle which has no charge as being the key particle in powering the ship. Our scientists say that’s impossible. Of course, we now know that nothing is impossible!

Those Two Farmers 
Remember those two old farmers I mentioned earlier? Well, they almost fouled up the whole works. After the farmers lied and said they were responsible for creating the crop circles, the next batch of circles appearing in 1991 and 1992 were pretty much ignored. People thought these two geezers were up to their old tricks, so these circles almost got lost forever. Fortunately some people took and kept some photos of them. Without these photos, Ruby might not have been able to complete the puzzle.

In addition to crop circles appearing in grain fields, large sets of numbers have appeared as well. In one instance, the following equation appeared in a Kansas grain field in 1991:

E 97 +

It appears to refer to Element 97 on the periodic chart of atomic elements. Element 97 is berkelium which has an atomic weight of 247. It is the element thought to be used to power flying saucers.


The Government
Shortly after this equation appeared it was eradicated by agents from the U.S. government, or people who said they were from the government. Anyway, it was a clear indication that someone doesn’t want the crop circles deciphered.


Art or Engineering?
Whether you appreciate the crop circles as art or engineering, there is no doubt we are being communicated with by an amazing intelligence. It is clear this information is being given to all humanity out of love and caring. You think some people bent on evil intent would spend their time doing this? You’re lucky to be here, right now.

If you have any interest in crop circles at all, whether as art or engineering, I highly recommend Doug Ruby’s book. The title of Ruby’s book (‘The Gift’) tells exactly what the crop circles are: a gift!

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