Cigar-Shaped UFO Over Wisconsin And Bright Orbs Above Colombia — What’s In Our Skies? (VIDEO)

What’s up in our skies?
UFOs were seen and videotaped recently over Wisconsin and Colombia. These objects — different and diverse from each other — are worth looking at just to consider whether they are truly unknown or just misidentified aircraft or computer-made nonsense.
First, a rarely seen, large cigar-shaped device, reportedly videotaped over Wisconsin, on May 31 and posted by UFObook, calling itself “a new kind of UFO agency on YouTube. Our goal is to upload real UFO sightings because with today’s modern computer technology, you can fake many things.”

The name of the videographer in this case isn’t given, along with any information about the camera used to record the UFO, which, at one point, actually looks like a giant tapered, fine-pointed pencil in the sky. The YouTube site only offers the following description:
“This video of a cigar-shaped aircraft in the rain was recorded north of Appleton, WI. It hovers on one spot and turns slowly. The author of this video discovered it when he was looking out of his window. He got his camera with video function to capture it.”
That’s it. No other information is provided about the person who took the video, and who doesn’t seem phased or excited in any way while the nearly two-and-a-half-minute-long video unfolds.
According to Open, reactions to the UFO have run the gamut from a “blimp,” “terrible fake,” and “open sky with the UFO added in with CGI,” to a “pencil hanging from a string.”
After examining the recent photos of a possible UFO over the Muiderslot Castle in the Netherlands — which he determined to be an insect — former FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen stepped in to help The Huffington Post with these latest UFO videos.
“I’m saying the cigar-shaped one is computer-generated imagery,” Hansen told HuffPost in an email. “There’s no indication that the thing is turning, despite the description. I think they did a good job with the tracking as far as their zooming is concerned, but it looks like all they did was make the size increase and then decrease to a point.
“The movement was way too smooth — I’d say definitely computer software. It couldn’t stay in one place so steadily without some drifting by the wind. You can see that the clouds move slightly to the right, and a craft would be fighting that current and it had no dimensionality to it when it supposedly turned.”
A couple of days after the alleged Wisconsin aerial event, multiple witnesses in different towns of Colombia watched and videotaped something in the sky they couldn’t identify.
According to Colombia’s Caracol News, citizens of several towns in the Valle del Cauca section of Colombia reported a red light, hovering in the sky around 9 p.m. on June 9.

Open reports that even though Adolfo Escobar, the mayor of Pradera, explained the UFOs as flares that had been launched by the local army, eyewitnesses preferred to believe the lights had a more supernatural source.
Watch this unusual light in the sky over Pradera, Colombia:

“The Colombian videos looked legit, but I’d agree with the mayor that they’re probably flares,” said Hansen.
“From the video, the pulsating light reflecting off the clouds is consistent with flare illumination. It also had a downward motion and sometimes more lateral, but never up. It either disappeared behind the cloud or extinguished, but there was no indication of unconventional movement. More probably it was a military flare rather than a Chinese lantern because they typically extinguish before they descend,” Hansen concluded.
Probably the biggest obstacle these days in determining the true identity of any UFO videos is the abundance of inexpensive computer software that makes it so easy to create a UFO, upload it to YouTube and claim it as the real thing.
The entire UFO subject has become so convoluted that nobody knows who or what to believe anymore.
UFOs aren’t always what they seem…check some of these out:

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