Check Out These New Sun Science Stamps!

Whether you’re a stamp collector, or just someone who wants to add some dazzle to your mail, here’s some good news for you: The United States Postal Service announced on January 15, 2021, that they’ll be releasing a series of Sun Science forever stamps highlighting images of the sun. The stamps will be issued sometime in 2021, the USPS said, and they’ll announce additional details, including the exact issue date, later.

The new 20-stamp set features 10 images of solar activity captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a spacecraft launched in February 2010 to keep constant watch on the our nearest star.

According to a NASA statement:

The images display common events on the sun, such as solar flares, sunspots and coronal loops. SDO has kept a constant eye on the sun for over a decade. Outfitted with equipment to capture images of the sun in multiple wavelengths of visible, ultraviolet, and extreme ultraviolet light, SDO has gathered hundreds of millions of images during its tenure to help scientists learn about how our star works and how its constantly churning magnetic fields create the solar activity we see.

Bottom line: In 2021, the U.S. Postal Service announced that it will be releasing a series of stamps highlighting images of the sun captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.


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