Check out 2,800 declassified documents on the assassination of John F. Kennedy right here

The president of the United States of America announced the release of 2,800 documents out of a total of 3,150. He said the FBI and the CIA pressured him to delay the publication of the other files.
The US government has finally released 2,800 previously classified documents on the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963.
I mean, what were they waiting for all these years?
In a memo directing heads of executive departments to release the files, President Trump said how the American public deserves to be “fully informed about all aspects of this pivotal event”.
But… On the recommendation of the CIA and the FBI, nearly 300 documents will remain classified and will not be released to the public for reasons of “National Security”.
So why bother releasing something, if it’s not released entirely?
Anyway, President Trump has ordered the release of 2,800 documents about the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy.
Some of the details that could clarify the mystery of the assassination of John F. Kennedy are already available to the general public since this October 26, a publication period established by the US Congress under a law signed by President George Bush in 1992 to try to calm down conspiracy theories.

Of course, if we assume the theory of government conspiracy as true, there is no chance that these documents will clarify who actually assassinated JFK, although the large batch of documents will surely provide some insight and will add more fuel to an already burning issue.
One of the documents revealed how the FBI warned the police of various death threats against alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.
“We at once notified the chief of police and he assured us Oswald would be given sufficient protection”, writes the FBI director J Edgar Hoover.
Oswald—who was a former Marine and ‘self-proclaimed Marxist’ was killed in the basement of the Dallas PD just two days after he allegedly gunned down President Kennedy.
The documents are available at the following link.

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