Can Eyebrows Reveal A Narcissist?

– A narcissist is a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. Narcissists reveal their feelings about themselves and others through their actions, which are often manipulative and self-centered.  To determine who is a narcissist we can look distinctive traits such as lack of empathy, exaggerated sense of self-importance, selfishness in relationships, as well as a need for excessive praise and attention.

However, according to a study, published in the Journal of Personality, you may be able to detect a narcissist by focusing on one particular facial feature — their eyebrows.

How can eyebrows reveal a narcissist?

Can Eyebrows Reveal A Narcissist?

Researchers Miranda Giacomin and Nicholas Rule conducted a study with participants who were asked to look at faces of people who were all across the narcissistic spectrum, from a normal level to full blown narcissist.

The result of the study was interesting because most of the participants could actually pick out the narcissists just by looking at their eyebrows!

It turned out that narcissists tended to have darker, thicker, more distinctive eyebrows. Researchers tried a second time by photoshopping narcissists’ brows onto the faces of non-narcissists, and vice versa, but the results was the same.

“Because grandiose narcissists strongly desire recognition and admiration,” the researchers said, “they may seek to maintain distinct eyebrows to facilitate others’ ability to notice, recognize, and remember them; hereby increasing their likability and reinforcing their overly positive self-views.”

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As Big Think reports it’s important to keep in mind that “the study was not able to tell whether people who are more likely to be narcissists also have inherently bushy eyebrows or whether narcissists tend to deliberately cultivate bushy eyebrows. And, although it ought not to need to be said, not everybody with bushy eyebrows is a narcissist and not every narcissist has bushy eyebrows. Regardless, the study provides insight into how we process faces and our latent ability to detect toxic people before it’s too late.”

“The ability to identify dark personality traits at zero-acquaintance provides particular value for avoiding exploitation and manipulation,” the researchers wrote.

“The increasing incidence of narcissism underscores this value. Fortunately, people can accurately judge others’ narcissism based on how they act, what they say, what they wear, and what their faces look like.”


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