Californian Resident Believes San Andreas Fault Is A Major UFO Passageway

An extremely slow moving gigantic UFO was reportedly seen by a Californian witness at El Centro. This UFO appeared to be flying along a major corridor for UFOs, according the to the witness’ testimony filed in Case 61325 at the witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network.
The witness was at the second-story balcony standing while looking into the eastern sky at around 8:13 p.m. when the object was first observed.
The witness first saw some type of a solid object moving from the right, coming from the south at very slow speed. The witness noticed that the mysterious object was extremely massive in size when it was in front of his or her field view.
The witness felt fear but continued to observe the unusual event in the sky. The UFO became clear to the view of the witness as the moonlight cast light towards it. As described by the witness, it was surreal to see such strange object. The huge UFO barely moved across the sky while the witness stood in shock and disbelief.
According to the report, Imperial County is a UFO hotspot. The witness observed the flight pattern of the UFO, and it seemed to fly to the Gulf of California, entering via the mouth of this Gulf to Imperial County, south of Mexicali, Mexico.
The witness said that the flight route is not a mere coincidence as it is a path going directly over San Andreas Fault at the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The witness said that the number of UFOs he or she has been witnessing is increasing lately. He or she encourages people to help report sightings as the number is very alarming.

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