Bug-Eyed Aliens Invade Earth in Revenge of the Spacemen

Okay, we’re a little late on this one; but seriously, how could we pass on doing a story about a film with the title Revenge of the Spacemen?

Coming from first-time feature director Jay Summers, it’s a throwback to all the classic alien invasion flicks of yesteryear, with a bunch of brilliantly retro-looking bug-eyed aliens arriving in flying saucers to conquer Earth. Too bad for them that the human race has more resilience than they expected.

Revenge of the Spacemen is a new feature film. A science-fiction comedy set in modern-day rural Ohio. A tribute and parody of the fun 50’s and 60’s sci-fi, B-movie, low quality, cheesy, campy, drive-in films that are still popular to this day.

George (George Tutie) spots a flying saucer, but his friends don’t believe him. Alva Johnson (Janine Sarnowski), leaving a convenient store with her unruly children, does as well. She commits to complete denial until an alien shows up in her living room window staring at her. She calls the police, but they don’t believe her either.

It’s not until George and Janet (Janet Jay) literally run into Cooter Ray (Richard Raphael), with their car, after he’s been probed by aliens, that Janet believes him. After that they get him to the hospital and gather reinforcements and beer. “There’s always beer.”~Janet

With the gang gathered, they head out to investigate when confronted by Sgt. Taggert (Fred Munkachy), still a very non-believer until the aliens attack and probe him as well. He makes his way to the Johnson house, where he and Connor (Andrew Santa) are rushed to the hospital for quarantine and treatment. The hospital is being flooded with probed people when it’s discovered that drinking alcohol negates the physical effects of the alien anal probes.

Once cured, they head out to do battle with the alien invaders. Will they save the world from the probe-happy aliens?



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