Brazil UFO: Investigation into ‘alien crash’ reveals TRUTH behind viral Mage UFO footage

UFO experts have investigated reports of a downed alien spacecraft in Brazil, to determine the truth behind the viral story.

Alien UFO sightings across Brazil went viral on social media in May this year as many people shared reports of an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashing north of Rio de Janeiro. Conspiracy theorists took over platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share footage of glowing lights in the skies. One video, in particular, alleged to show a UFO crash site in Mage forest, along Brazil’s east coast and Guanabara Bay

As the story gained traction, the hashtag #MageUFO began trending on Twitter.

Soon after, the hashtag seemingly disappeared and many of the shared video clips were taken down, leading people to speculate a coverup was in action.

According to the Brazilian news site UOL, local authorities and the Air Force had no record of unidentified flying objects around the time of the supposed crash.

So what exactly happened in Brazil last month and did alien UFOs really visit our planet?

According to investigators from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the Brazil UFO story was a well-constructed hoax.

The MUFON team said: “The case, which has been widely circulated on social media outlets, has been determined to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax.”

MUFON is a non-profit organisation tasked with collecting eyewitness accounts, videos and photos of UFO sightings.

The investigation into the Brazil UFO was led by the Brazillian Director for MUFON Ademar José Gevaerd.

The MUFON chief determined there was no factual evidence to back the UFO crash story.

He said: “My team and I have intensively investigated this alleged case and found out that it is a total hoax.

“It started with a fake audio about a supposed UFO crash published over the net, later assumed to be a fabrication by the female author.

“As time went on the story got bigger and bigger every day, with many alleged witnesses making all sorts of claims, all disconnected from each other, all exaggerated, and mostly lies.”

According to Mr Gevaerd, some people claimed to have heard “telepathic” requests for help from the downed aliens trapped inside of their spacecraft.

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