Bizarre UFO Hovers Above A Navy Base in California

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Extraterrestrial enthusiasts have been buzzing about the images that show an unidentified flying object near an American Navy base.
The photos in question show a flying saucer-shaped craft hovering above the ground with a helicopter flying nearby.
The five pictures, reportedly taken in the Californian desert, were released by the man known as Keith Bradshaw in a bid to find the truth on aliens.
The snaps were done in 2007, near the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, but he has been too nervous to show anyone.
After an old friend who worked on the Navy base shared with him about the mysterious craft, he sneaked out to the desert. According to Mr Bradshaw, he heard the sound coming from the helicopter as he approached the base. Then he saw the silver UFO with several military vehicles parked close by.
He took off his shirt, blended with his surroundings and spent about 10 minutes watching the flying saucer.
He saw the UFO wobbling along close to the ground and appearing to be very unstable. Then it would freeze in position, go up and sit at a particular height for a few minutes, added Bradshaw. He said that the mysterious flying object did not make any noise that he could hear.
Some of the world’s top UFO experts examined the images. British UFO investigator Philip Mantle said that the snaps could turn out to be one of the most controversial on record when it comes to UFO sighting pictures.
Former RAF and BAE Airbus division employee Jason Gleaves said that they could be genuine but warned that technology and software today may make fake looks authentic.
Former US Navy Physicist Dr Bruce Maccabee said that the photographs could not prove either way.

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