Bizarre UFO Formation Takes Place In Dorset Skies

UFO hunters are amazed at the appearance of a strange looking cloud that was seen over the skies of Dorset. Onlookers reported a pair of odd looking clouds as some believed that UFOs were responsible for them as they punched through the clouds.
Locals and holidaymakers first spotted the formation between midday and 2 pm on October 25.
Many believe it was natural, but others argue it was supernatural that causing the unusual event. The rest are just scratching their heads as they cannot say for sure what was the cause.
Photographer Len Copeland managed to photograph the clouds as many people were halted in their tracks when they first noticed the clouds.
People around Copeland thought he knew what was going on after seeing him taking photographs but he had no idea as well.
Copeland said that two, round-shaped UFO formations appeared weird to them. Interestingly, one of the formations dissipated and left a feathery thing in its place.
During the event, there were thousands of people including children playing on the beach and swimming in the sea. Lots of people were reportedly taking pictures of the cloud.
However, Met Office spokesperson said that the rare cloud formation that left a hole in the sky over Dorset was a fallstreak cloud. Fallstreak clouds, according to the Met Office website, form when part of the cloud layer forms ice crystals that are large enough to drop as fallstreak.

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