Bill Richardson’s Campaign Is Out Of This World!

Sometimes, livebloggers have difficulty turning off the TV set after…which is why this clip of Bill Richardson muttering darkly about the unsolved mysteries of UFOs in this country is getting huge play right now.  Okay, maybe he wasn’t muttering darkly, but still: Richardson, who happens to be the Governor of New Mexico (gosh, he is? Why didn’t he mention that last night? Har har) — which means that spooky and secretive Roswell is under his jurisdiction. Which means he can legitimately speak to this issue — but perhaps could have done so in such a way that did not lump him in with Kucinich after that question further marginalized him as a fringe and (ahem) out-there candidate. Now the focus has broadened, and in some cases switched to, Richardson:  The NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez called it Bill Richardson’s «Fox Mulder moment»; WaPo’s Anne Kornblut joined her in X-File-ing it up with her head saying  «The Truth Is Out There»; Radar focusing on Richardson noting that the government hadn’t «come clean»;  HuffPo’s Sam Stein encouraged Kucinich and Richardson to «phone home.»  Watch the clip:

Meanwhile, here’s another great headline: «Dem Candidate Feels Alienated,» cracked Fedblog’s Tom Shoop…yesterday morning, reporting on Richardson’s UFO interest. Hmm. So it wasn’t just a one-off stemming from the Kucinich question. We gently chided BriWi and Russert yesterday for asking such a soft question, but it’s clearly one of the big takeaways from the debate — something Hillary Clinton should be relieved about.
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