Australia, UFOS: Twin Black Triangles

By Tom Levine

One summer evening, August 23rd, 2004, something very unusual happened over the State of Victoria, near Melborne, in the southern tip of Australia.

Very strange, unexplainable lights appeared to hover low in the sky. Multiple witnesses saw the phenomenon, it was caught on camera, and it was captured on video by two separate witnesses.

At approximately 8:30pm, the UFOs reached Pascoe Vale. It was then, that they appeared before the residence of Mark and Janine Blease. These witnesses were smart enough to grab their video camera.

The Blease family captured one of the most mysterious pieces of UFO video evidence ever to claim the imagination of the folks from the land down under.

Eleven witnesses were interviewed in total. Video footage, testimony, and photographic evidence all corroborated the sighting.

The formation was moving over Melbourne while the video was taken at a location near Pascoe Vale. The objects were in two groups of three lights and each group was in a triangle formation. The video was taken by Mark & Janine Blease of Melbourne. PRA have a copy of the video for analysis and so does Channel 7 TV Melbourne.

A check of Melbourne Air Traffic Control, show no aircraft at that location or in formation at that time and no radar contact was reported.

On the Breakfast Show – Radio station 3AW Melbourne, spoke to the couple who took the video and they said it was quite a surprise and very spectacular, offering no explanation. Other people called the radio station and some did come onto the ‘talk-back’ line to support the sighting.

This is a multiple witness event and a hoax has been ruled out.

At present there is no simple explanation, however an investigation has now been opened and as more information becomes available we will post it.

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