Area 51: Leaked video purports alien craft being tested at secret military base

(Credit: SecureTeam 10 YouTube)
A video from noted conspiracy theorists SecureTeam 10 describes what it calls “leaked” footage of an alien craft at Area 51 in Nevada.
The video, which has racked up over 200,000 views on YouTube, appears to show a flying object hovering in the sky, then flying in a way that known aircraft can not currently do.
Light emits from the craft as it moves side to side then up and down.
Here is the video in its entirety:
On the video, Tyler Glockner, who runs SecureTeam 10, described the clip as a “hidden gem,” noting it was alleged to have been filmed in the 1980’s or 1990’s.
“It’s one of the mysterious pieces in UFOlogy,” Glockner said of the footage.
SecureTeam 10, which openly states that it runs conspiracy theory-based videos, has more than 900,000 subscribes to its YouTube channel.
Area 51 has become a hot topic for extraterrestrial enthusiasts, due to the U.S. government never acknowledging its presence until 2013.
The National Security Archive at George Washington University declassified CIA documents in August 2013, thanks to a freedom of information request (FOIA) by Archivist Jeffrey Richelson, which confirmed the existence of the Nevada military base.
The famed U-2 spy plane, as well as the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird are both confirmed to have been tested at Area 51.

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