Are Pyramids And Alien Structures on The Moon Visible in These Images?

It’s true that when mankind set foot on the moon, our idea about space and the limits of human potential changed forever. What was once thought impossible was proven to be possible, and what was once believed only achievable by ‘ancient gods’ was done by man.
Now, with the thousands of images of the moon landing and Apollo missions that made their way to flickr, it was proven that mankind did in fact travel to Earth’s natural satellite, land a spaceship there, set foot on the moon and return the Apollo astronauts safely home.
But what most people seem to ignore are the countless mysteries surrounding the moon itself: there are many people who firmly believe that Earth’s moon is actually a terraformed and engineer piece of hardware that has a 3 mile thick outer layer of dust and rocks. Beneath this layer it is believed that the moon has a solid shell of around 20 miles made of highly resistant materials such as titanium, uranium 236, mica, and neptunium 237… definitely elements that you would not expect to find “inside” the moon. How is it possible that the surface of the moon is so hard and why does it contain minerals like Titanium? Mysteriously, there are some lunar rocks that have been found to contain PROCESSED METALS, such as Brass, Mica and the elements of Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237 that have NEVER been found to occur naturally. Yet there are traces of them on the Moon. Uranium 236 is a radioactive nuclear waste which is found in spent nuclear and reprocessed Uranium. More interestingly, Neptunium 237 is a radioactive metallic element and a by-product of nuclear reactors and the production of Plutonium. You have to ask the question: What is happening on Earth’s Moon? From where are these elements and minerals coming from?
Setting aside the above mentioned we have to wonder about the mysterious ‘Alien’ structures that are allegedly present on Earths ‘natural’ satellite. According to many people, the surface of the Moon is more than just craters and rocks: numerous images seem to point towards the presence of ‘artificial’ structures on the moon.
Ufologists believe that NASA and other space agencies would try very hard to keep the structures a secret… Just imagine if information about ‘alien’ constructions became an established fact, it would change the way we look at life, religion and our origin and purpose forever.
There are countless images from NASA that seem to be edited or ‘photoshopped,’ the reason behind it? Well… in order to hide ‘sensitive’ or ‘classified’ information about artificial structures on the moon… then of course we have the missing Apollo 11 tapes that add fuel to the fire. According to an investigation nearly two decades ago, NASA erased and reused official Apollo 11 videos.
If all o the above isn’t enough to make you believe that there is something weird about the moon we have the lunar mission audio feed, although heavily edited, it still remains an original piece where we can hear a very interesting dialogue that happens to the end of the first extravehicular activity of the last Apollo mission. While returning to the lunar module, Eugen Cernan saw something that could perhaps be the missing piece of evidence proving alien life exists: “Hey, what are those things going over? What is that, Jack? Hey! Something just hit here!”
One of the most interesting images taken in the Littrow Valley during the Apollo 17 mission is the one below. It is called the Geophone rock and displays a mysterious structure that isn’t in any way, the result of natural formations according to ufologists. The mysterious image has been classified by NASA as a blank frame from the Apollo 17 film magazine 136-Hotel. The mysterious image was not included in the online Apollo Image Atlas.

Strangely, after slightly correcting the image by applying noise reduction and increasing the contrast, the image sharpens and we can clearly observe a pyramidal structure on the surface of the moon. A pyramid on the moon? Yeah, but not just one pyramid, as there are more structures that are totally out-of-place. More strange structures were photographed by the Apollo mission, images that were deliberately altered and blurred to hide, what some believe, are alien structures on the surface of the moon.

The Dark side of the moon tells another incredible story were dozens of anomalous structures are seen. The questions remain unanswered: What are these structures? Who built them? When did ‘they’ build them? And what is their purpose? Is it possible that these structures tell another story about Earth’s moon? One that proves that the moon isn’t in fact a natural satellite but an ‘engineered’ satellite as some suggest?

While we cannot know with certainty what is really happening on the surface of the moon, we can say that there are many gaps and inconsistencies within the information provided by NASA, inconsistencies that point to the fact that the moon is a very mysterious place and its existence alone proposes more questions than answers.
It’s up to you, the reader, what you believe and think really happened on the moon, we only point towards the gaps and missing details about the Moon and the Apollo missions which explored Earth’s ‘natural’ satellite.


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