Anything Strange With the Moon?

Lately, it seems that each time I look up in the sky, the moon is always bright – day or night. It’s big, round and shiny, even when the Sun is visible. I don’t know if it’s just timing, but in the past couple of months, each time I looked up, the moon was big, bright and full.

It also seems closer to Earth because it’s so clear and bright. But that’s not all. The positions where it used to appear seem to have changed as well. Last night it even had a strange halo around it. I know the halo is a known phenomenon, but I don’t think I have ever seen this before in my area.

Could it have something to do with the unusually high temperatures of this period of the year? It is one of the warmest winters I can remember. Also, I want to specify that there were no clouds or light fog to amplify the halo. It was a clear and warm night.

January 8th, 2012: Full moon + halo My questions for those of you who study the moon on a regular basis are:

1. Have you noticed anything strange about it lately?

2. Why am I able to see it almost perfectly round and shiny during the day (even when the sun is bright)?

Thank you and big love to all!

P.S. Here is a December 10th full moon picture – isn’t it bigger and brighter than usual?

Later Edited:
I was ready to give up posting this concern of mine (something that happens a lot to me lately), but fortunately I haven’t. It seems that many of you noticed something strange about our moon and sun. I will share some of the positive feedback I have received on Facebook:

I’m not suggesting the moon got closer to Earth, but maybe it receives more sunlight than usual, therefore becoming brighter. That would (also) explain its brightness during the day…

Dr. Georgi Stankov (via Dorina):

“I will now comment only on one physical phenomenon that you have assessed beyond any doubts – the blue-violet glow of the moon.

As I have written in a previous report, the creation of the new sun as observed at the Neumeyer Station is now rapidly moving to a higher dimension by increasing its frequencies. This increase in frequency is known as a violet shift in the Doppler effect.

As I have already written, I am the first scientist to have explained this phenomenon from a theoretical point of view on the basis of the Universal Law, which I have discovered. With this approach I was also the first scientist who was able to explain the mechanism of gravitation that is unknown, since Newton developed his laws of gravitation more than three centuries ago.

Each time a system moves to a higher dimension by increasing its frequency, it creates a violet shift that can be observed as Doppler effect. In cosmology this phenomenon is used to postulate in the standard model that the universe expands, which is absolutely wrong.

You can read my detailed explanation in volume II, where I establish a completely new theory of cosmology and repudiate the hot expanding model of the big bang. The latter is in the core of the present-day failed cosmology, as instigated by the Orion/Reptilian empire to dumb down all scientists and put them on the wrong track that we are alone in All-That-Is.

You are absolutely right that the moon has no own light and radiance and only reflects the sun light. If the sun light displays a pronounced violet shift to higher frequencies, which currently everybody can see with naked eyes and has been reported many times on this ascension report, then this violet shift is also reflected by the moon. This is another powerful confirmation that we are witnessing the birthing of a new 5d-sun and I congratulate you for this excellent observation.

Unfortunately I cannot make any reliable observations on the moon as I have a strong astigmatism (distortion of the cornea) and always see two jammed moons.” (Dr. Georgi Stankov);

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