Another ’20 Years and Back’ Whistleblower Talks About Covert Space Marines Recruitment

When people with incredible professional credentials come forward to talk about being covertly recruited for a ’20-years-and-back’ mission in space, that also have key pieces of collateral to prove their claims, it makes it hard not to listen — to at least ask more questions.

by Christina Sarich, guest writer

In a video created by Dr. Michael Salla, Michael Christopher Gerloff, a former marine and police officer for the city of Seattle, as well as a UN peacekeeping advisor who went on a mission to Liberia, describes his recruitment into a secret space program loosely referred to as the “20-and-back.”

After a high school party with friends along a country road, Gerloff noticed a white light that moved very quickly on the horizon. He relates an aerial display that “violated the laws of aerodynamics as 18-year old sin 1978.”

He states that in the cornfield in front of he and his friend, there was a black triangle. He and his friend were astounded and went on with life. He also says that he was enamored with space, and had always wanted to travel into space and be an astronaut.

He also says that as a high school student he intended to enroll at the University of Missouri, and originally had no intention of going into the military. He relays a story of a Marine recruiter who made eye contact with him when at his school one day, and the rest of the story becomes very interesting.

After taking an ASVAB, a test all recruited people have to take before entrance, the recruiter told him he had done very well. This is when he learned of the Marine’s Reserve Special Enlistment Program, even after expressing interest in going active duty.

Skip ahead, and Gerloff went off to bootcamp for the U.S. Marine Corps, when he was asked if he wanted to serve in a “20 and back” program. He has partial recall of the intake process to become a “Space Marine.”

The first part of his testimony can be viewed below:

Gerloff has provided military and police records that corroborate key aspects of his testimony, and contain many anomalies which point to his “20 and back” service.

He believes that his coming forward has been sanctioned by a USMC/Department of Navy intelligence group established by President Dwight Eisenhower, which is actively promoting disclosure of a US Navy Secret Space Program.

His initial six-year contract in the US Marine reserves, turned into partial service in the 20-and-back space program.

Gerloff details that he was taken by a secret underground rail system into an intake center. Others have stated that there is a vast underground network of high-speed rails that exist underground and connect far-flung areas of the globe, utilized primarily by the military-industrial complex.

He doesn’t have clear memories of everything that happened while in service, but some memories have come back, although, he states, “it is a bit fuzzy,” but there were other personal who were waiting to complete intake paperwork for the program.

He remembers signing NASA paperwork, in particular. He also says that corporate entities, in particular Lockheed Martin, was mentioned in the paperwork he signed.

Gerloff’s testimony can also be compared to that given by Corey Goode, who also says he was part of the 20-and-back program, although perhaps for a different part of the military. William Tompkins has also been “sanctioned” to talk about the secret space program as well.

Among covert intel, is the ability to age-regress, memory wipe, and travel through time, all related to the Secret Space Programs.

Michael Gerloff’s additional testimony, relaying what happened once he agreed to be a part of the “20-and back program”, can be found below:

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