Ancient Legend Was True – Astonishing Legendary Silver Treasure Discovered In Denmark

– The adventure started when an elderly lady told one man that according to an ancient legend there is big, old silver treasure buried somewhere on a certain field in Jutland, Denmark.

The man told three friends about what he had heard. Now, the four of them had a choice to make. They could either dismiss the story as a work of fiction, or search for the legendary treasure.

They decided to find out if there really was an ancient treasure buried somewhere on Jutland and today, they cannot say they regret their decision.

They discovered 50 silver coins from the period 1586-1656. The four men behind the findings are Bjørn Christian Sorensen, Heinrich Olesen, Lars Hebsgaard and Simon Bay Kristensen.

On December 27, 2016, while scanning the ground on a field in Tjørring just outside Herning with metal detectors, the treasure hunters found something of great value.

The men do not wish to reveal the exact location of where the silver treasure was found, but the coins have been examined by experts who concluded they are genuine.

Curator Martin Olesen at the local museum says the silver coins are very valuable and of great importance. All of the coins depict King Christian IV.

When asked why Danish people had to hide their money, Olesen explained that King Christian IV’s failed foreign policy should be blamed. People were simply terrified the Swedes would come and steal everything they owned, so to be on the safe side they buried their possessions.

Christian IV (1577-1648) was king of Denmark and Norway and brought disaster upon his country. He led two unsuccessful wars against Sweden and he led his country into the Thirty Years’ War, one of the longest and most destructive conflicts in European history.

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