Ancient Astronaut Theory Believes More In Existence Of Aliens Than The Gods

Do Gods exist? This is one question that could divide the whole human population into two with each parties defending their concepts and refuting others’ with their own set of logic and evidence. Gods, as per the ancient astronaut theory are nothing but the extraterrestrial aliens who visited the Earth thousands of years ago and taught a number of advanced things to humans to help them get advanced in terms of technology, science, engineering and religions in leaps and bounds.
There are no Gods, there are aliens
Ancient artifacts, religious texts and many other forms of physical specimens do point to the certainty that mankind used to get advised from people who used to descend from the skies in special carriers or chariots. These descendants from the sky had access to heavenly weaponry and were highly advanced in terms of applied science. While the religious people love to believe that these people from the sky were Gods who had supernatural powers, the proponents of the ancient astronaut theory use these texts and artifacts as a reliable proof of the existence of aliens and the fact that the aliens did come to the earth and helped in human advancements.

Evidence that makes the theory strong
Mentioning about gods or such extraterrestrials is found in scriptures and art specimens of almost every civilization of the planet which strengthens the concept of ancient astronauts. The Mayan Chilam Balaam texts mention about men in flying rings, who descended from the sky in flying vessels. The tablets of Anunnaki talk about Enki who came from a planet called Nibiru that circled the sun every 3600 earth years. Various Sumerian artifacts that have been excavated over different periods of time bear imageries of strange creatures that have little resemblance to humans or any other earthly creature.
Prehistoric and ancient Petroglyphs that are found in many parts of the world bear images of creatures that have little resemblance to humans and point more towards the fact that these were images of aliens who had come down from the skies and met the dwellers of the planet. Some of the great monuments and engineering structures of the ancient world like the Giza Pyramids, the Stonehenge, the submerged cities that are thousands of years old and found in various parts of the world also point towards the intervention of divine powers in their making as it was not possible for humans to erect such monuments with the limited scientific and engineering skills of those times. The divinity can be looked upon as the scientific knowledge of the aliens, the ancient visitors from the planet.

Description of the video
In the video, Giorgio A Tsoukalos, an eminent proponent of the ancient astronaut theory and publisher of ‘The Legendary Times’ magazine explains about the ancient astronaut theory with various examples and evidence. He refutes the belief of extraterrestrials being the Gods and harps on the fact that there were no Gods and that all the ancient activities carried out by the humans were done with assistance from aliens.
In his agenda to explain and prove the ancient astronaut theory, Tsoukalos mentions about certain creatures like the two-headed dog with six legs or the giant flying turtles and about extraterrestrials who had the resemblance to humans but had elongated craniums. He produces pictures of creatures that he tries to relate to the aliens, the ancient visitors who had landed on the soils of the Earth.

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