Aliens in History

Aliens in History

Flying Saucer near Mayan temple
Flying saucer near Mayan Temple

Once you know flying saucers are real, you’ll also discover they didn’t just show up yesterday. Aliens are a part of earth history. They have been here during our entire existence. When the Roman Empire was in full bloom, they were there. When Columbus crossed the Atlantic, they were there. When Christ was born, they were there!

A Little History

Let’s take a little journey back in time and look at some ancient events through newly enlightened eyes. I’m only going to describe a few events, but it will be enough to give you an idea of what we’re about to discuss. Noted UFO researcher John Carpenter has traveled around the world investigating ancient examples of visitations to earth by extraterrestrial beings. Here is some of what he has uncovered.

Flying Saucer appears over Windsor Castle
17th century drawing of a flying saucer appearing
over Windsor castle in England


Keep this in mind: Language was completely different in past centuries. There were only a limited number of words that could be used to describe things which might be, frankly, indescribable. Try to describe an airplane using only the language available two thousand years ago and you’ll see what I mean. In ancient times, Artwork was also used to depict memorable events.


Ancient artifacts and structures clearly built by advanced intelligent beings have been found at archaeological sites around the world. Many have been carbon dated at millions of years old. Older thatn the supposed time frame for man’s existence on our planet.

A Large Silver Disc

St. Athanasius of Alexandria, a bishop, wrote a biography of St. Antony in A.D. 373. In it is a section titled “A Disc in the Desert”, Here’s what it says:

“Yet once more the Enemy (Satan), seeing (Antony’s) zeal and wishing to check it, threw in his way the form of a large silver disc of silver. Antony, understanding the deceit of the Evil one, stood and looked at the disc and confuted the demon in it, saying, “Whence a disc in the desert,This is not a trodden road, and there is no track of any faring this way. And, it could not have Fallen unnoticed, being of huge size.”

Great is the number in the air around us, and they are not far from us. But, there is much difference in them. It would be long to speak of their nature and differences, and such discourse is for others greater than us.

É weaving phantoms, taking forms of women, of beasts and reptiles, and gigantic bodies É they pretend to prophesy and to foretell things to come, and to show themselves taller than the roof and as vast phantoms to those whom they could not beguile with thoughts.”8

Burning Globes

In Rome during the reign of Theodsius, A.D. 393, it was recorded that a huge luminous sphere accompanied by many smaller ones appeared over the fields outside of town. It was also recorded that the citizens basically panicked. 1

Roman writer Julius Obsequens told of people who had seen “burning globes” and “round shields” flying over Rome at night and during the day. 2

The above passage is similar to passages appearing in The Bible that describe Alien encounters.
Globe UFOs
Globe shaped craft

Dragons in the Sky

It was reported that large “flame-breathing dragons” were flying over China in approximately A.D. 747. The records also speak of “men in airships” twelve hundred years before airplanes were invented! 3

Aerial Sailors

There have been many ancient Alien sightings throughout mankind’s history.

The Archbishop of Lyons recorded that three men and a woman were seen disembarking from an “aerial ship.” A gathering crowd panicked and began to stone the visitors. The archbishop also said that “aerial sailors” were arriving on ships in the clouds and bedeviled members of his church. 4

The following is a report from the Saxons, around A.D. 900:

“Those watching outside in that place, of whom many still live to this very day, say they beheld the likeness of two large shields, reddish in colour, in motion above the church, and when the pagans who were outside saw this sign, they were at once thrown into confusion and, terrified with great fear, they began to flee from the castle.” 5

On August 3, 989, three glowing objects appeared over Japan. The objects all joined together to form one large brilliant ball in the sky. 6

Fiery Worms

Citizens in Switzerland in 1104 noted what appeared to be “fiery worms” in the sky. A professor at the University of Basil recorded, “They flew in the air and took away the light of the sun as if they had been clouds.” 10

A Flying Pan?

Ancient Japanese records describe an “earthenware vessel” that flew out of a mountain in the Kii Province on October 27, 1180. This occurred about midnight and the “vessel” left behind a luminous trail. 9

Swimming in the Air

People attending church in 1211 at Gravesend in Kent, England, ran outside to watch a ship in the sky that had people on it! Some of the people on the ship “jumped off and swam in the air.”

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