Aliens In Ancient Art

16th Century fresco from a church shows an ancient astronaut rocketing across the sky. This was painted hundreds of years before the concept of aircraft came about.

Ancient Art

There are plenty of examples of aliens in ancient art that clearly depict the fact that UFOs and extraterrestrial beings were around in those days. ET’s and flying saucers appear in cave paintings, tapestries, woodcuts and paintings.

Roman Fresco

In March, 1998, archaeologists unearthed a fresco in the ruins surrounding Rome. The fresco was a detailed painting of ancient Rome, yet the view was from the air! Scholars are dumbfounded; they can’t figure out how it was done.

Flemish Painting

A painting made in 1710 by the Flemish painter Gelder, depicts the baptism of Christ. In the background there is a clear image of a flying disk with beams of light coming from it and shining down on the infant. The painting has not been retouched or altered in any way. It is on display at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England.

Fifteenth Century Painting

A painting done in the fifteenth century by Ghirlandaio shows the Virgin Mary in the foreground. In the background there is a man looking up at a disk. The disk has large sparks coming from it and the man is shielding his eyes from the disk. A dog at the man’s side is barking up at the UFO. The painting is entitled Madonna and St. Giovannino, and can be found in the Loeser Collection, Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence, Italy. 34

A note about old paintings: If you were a artist living in the 13th through 18th centuries, you had to follow certain unwritten rules. If you wanted to depict something strange or different in a painting, you had to put that strange item in the background of the painting. In the foreground, you had to paint a religious scene or depict religious figures. Otherwise, you would be denounced as a devil worshiper and literally burned at the stake or beheaded. That’s why all the UFOs in these ancient works of art are rendered small and in the background. 28

Australian Rock Art

Throughout the continent of Australia there are ancient drawings on the rocks which show beings with enlarged bald heads, large slanted eyes, and slits for mouths. They also depict orange globes floating in the skies. 29

African Cave Painting

An African cave painting depicts a being wearing headgear with antennae and flying through the air. The being is holding an animal in its arms. The painting is in Tassili-N-Ajer, Africa. The being has large, black slanted eyes and thin lips. 30

Ancient Woodcut

A woodcut done by Hans Glaser in 1566 depicts a battle among flying disks and flying cylinders that occurred over Nuremberg, Germany on April 4, 1561.

Russian Plate

A Russian archaeologist discovered an ancient plate in the mountains of Nepal. It is known as the Valenov Plate. The plate has been dated at about a thousand years old. The material the plate is made from is a combination of metal and ceramic, a process that even today is not possible. The plate very clearly shows a flying saucer and alien being.

Medieval Tapestry

A tapestry from medieval times is in the Collegiale Notre Dame, Beaune, France. In the foreground is a depiction of the Virgin Mary; however, in the background is a clear rendition of a flying saucer!


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