ALIENS ATTACK? Flashes and EXPLOSIONS so big they ‘shook houses’ over the UK spark speculation of UFOs

BIZARRE flashing lights and loud banging noises have been filmed by frightened residents who couldn’t uncover what was causing the commotion near Essex and East London.

The footage was captured on Sunday night at around 11pm and later posted on YouTube, the Mirror reported.

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Witnesses heard three “booms”, and one alleged the sound was so loud it caused his house to shake.

Surprisingly, the people can’t find any sign of an explosion and no damage appears to have been caused in the area.

Some believe the eerie happenings are a result of UFOs or some sort of alien activity.

The man who posted the video online, and who is unnamed, said: “I have a theory that it was a meteorite.

“If it had been a land-based explosion there would be damage somewhere but so far no damage.

“It was too loud to be a firework that’s for sure and fireworks don’t shake houses. I don’t think it’s a supersonic aircraft as a sonic boom does not give off light.

Residents filmed unexplained flashing, shown in the red circle
Residents filmed unexplained flashing, shown in the red circleCredit: YouTube
“I think it was a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere. This would give off light and cause a sonic boom.”

Residents took to Twitter to see if they could find more information about the noise.

One social media user likened the sound to “gunshots”, while another thought it could have been the “sonic boom of a jet.”

A spokesman for The Royal Observatory told MailOnline: “This doesn’t have the character of a meteor, since such a blast would only occur after a sustained bright light during atmospheric entry – not a quick flash as shown in the video.



“An object would only be classed as a meteorite if it actually reached the ground – something up in the air like this would be a meteor.

“Our understanding of large meteors and fireballs is that, although they can produce sonic booms and/or loud bangs (in the latter case when they fragment violently), they are more likely to produce a sustained glow for several seconds (which may vary in brightness) as they move across the sky, rather than a single, momentary flash.”

Aa spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said it was “not aware” of the noises but they were looking into it to check whether it was a jet.

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