Aliens and Area 51

Area 51

Dreamland is the code name for Area 51. Area 51 is a “secret” military base located about 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is also known as Groom Lake, named for the dry lake bed the military base is sitting on. The size of the base is six miles wide by ten miles long. Recently the Federal government has seized an additional 85,000 acres surrounding the base to keep observers at a distance.

Contained somewhere on the grounds is a large air base that the U.S. government will not discuss. It is considered so sensitive that only those who take an oath of secrecy for life are allowed in. Civilian contractors and others who work at the base are flown in every morning aboard unmarked planes with blacked-out windows. It is said that structures are built deep into the desert floor, with buildings going down thirty to forty stories below the surface.

Area 51 warning sign

Use of Deadly Force
The perimeter of the base is covered with ground sensors and listening devices to detect even the smallest intrusion. It is also heavily patrolled by armed guards from the Wackenhut Corporation, a very serious private security firm. These guys aren’t your normal rent-a-cops that local concert promoters use. In short, they will kill you. End of story.

The board of directors of the Wackenhut Corporation reads like a Who’s Who of the intelligence community. Here are some of the guys who are said to be or have been on the board:

Admiral Bobby Ray Inman
Former Deputy CIA Director and a bunch of other high military positions. If you know anything about the military, you know who this guy is.

Frank Carlucci
Former Deputy Director of the CIA.

General Joseph Carroll
Former DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) Director.

Clarence Kelly
Former FBI Director.

James J. Rowley
Former Secret Service Director.

William Casey
Former CIA Director (deceased).

So, What’s the Big Deal?
Area 51 was first opened in 1955 as a testing facility for the U-2 spy plane being developed by Lockheed Aircraft. Area 51 has since become a popular symbol for the U.S. government Alien / UFO cover-up. Area 51 is supposedly where recovered alien spacecraft are being tested and reversed-engineered to learn how they work.

S-4 is a parcel of land that is a part of Area 51. The most secret research actually takes place there. Or so we’ve been told.

Secret? Hardly. This military base is so well known that every school kid in America recognizes its name. It has been a part of most UFO researcher’s vocabulary for decades. Every military power in the world is aware of Area 51. As part of an international treaty called the “Open Skies Treaty,” the United States Government is required to fly other countries over the base upon demand. The U.S. government has reciprocal privileges for their bases. Not only that, but Area 51 is not just a U.S. base, it is an international base being run by a consortium of many countries.

SR71 Blackbird spy plane
SR71 Blackbird, originally developed and flown out of Area 51

Air Surveillance Photos
Partly as a result of this arrangement there are literally thousands of air surveillance and satellite photographs available of this “secret” base. Russian surveillance photographs taken from their satellites of Area 51 are available to anyone over the Internet any day, anytime, for free! I have even included one for you in this chapter. This base may be many things, but one thing it’s not is secret!

The Mainstream Media Catches Up
In April 1994 Popular Science magazine featured a satellite photo of the Groom Lake base on the cover. The issue contained an article on the base and its history. This ignited mainstream media interest in learning more about Area 51. Even TV personality and broadcaster Larry King has gone to Area 51 and done a whole show from a set just outside the perimeter. If Larry King knows, how secret could it be?
Popular Mechanics Magazine cover

Aurora Superplane
When I say Aurora, I’m not talking about your dad’s Oldsmobile. The Aurora is a new kind of supersonic plane that allegedly flies out of Area 51. Its estimated cost: $15 billion! It runs on controlled explosions of cryogenic (real cold) methane or ammonia. Estimated speed: eight times the speed of sound, or around 6,000 miles per hour. It leaves a vapor trail from the engine’s explosions that resemble donuts strung on a rope.

The aerodynamics of the Aurora are reported to be very different from conventional aircraft. Thus, the Aurora is a very dangerous craft to fly and has had an exceedingly high casualty rate.
Aurora Superplane over Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51)

Lawsuit May Lift the Veil of Secrecy
As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Area 51 is being sued. A number of workers at the base have exhibited strange symptoms, such as watching their skin turn flaming red and then fall off. Several have died recently and their relatives are suing the U.S. government. Other employees have come forward and stated that the base has engaged heavily in illegal toxic waste dumping and burning, resulting in the employee deaths.

The lawsuit and the allegations are serious. The government is afraid the veil of secrecy about the very existence of this base could be lifted and is arguing that any disclosure about Area 51 could pose a “serious risk” to national security.

President Bill Clinton

President Clinton’s Response
Bill Clinton has signed an executive order exempting Area 51 (Groom Lake) from releasing its environmental reports to the public. See the full text of Clinton’s executive order in the ‘Documents’ section.

Physicist Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar
Physicist Bob Lazar has claimed he has worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51. Lazar says that nine alien saucers are housed there to learn how they work. (That’s reverse-engineering, for all you techno-geeks.) Lazar’s saga is long and controversial. After coming forward and making his statements, Lazar’s records of employment and evidence of his attending school all disappeared. He was later indicted and plea-bargained on a charge of pandering and solicitation.

However, Lazar was working as a bookkeeper at the time. One of his clients was running a prostitution ring on the side. It was well established that Lazar was bookkeeping only for the client’s legitimate business and was not involved in his client’s shady side business. It was evident from the beginning that the real target was Lazar.

Many of the things Lazar initially said sounded outlandish, but have since been confirmed by other sources.

Extraterrestrial Highway sign near Area 51 in Nevada

Jarod 2
Another Area 51 worker who goes by the name of Jarod 2 confirms Lazar’s story. Supposedly, Jarod (pronounced Jay-rod) was the name given an alien who was housed at the base. The alias, Jarod 2, is a reference to this alien being.

Jarod 2 is a seventy-year old retired engineer. He says he worked for thirty years designing reproductions of alien flying saucers. He also says he has seen gray alien beings during his work on the project. Jarod 2 says his former employers have given him permission to speak semi-publicly about his experiences in order to help prepare the American public about the truth of alien existence. Jarod 2 states that the project is even more advanced than Lazar was aware of.

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