Alien-to-Alien Communication

Part 6

In order to develop and maintain a scientifically advanced society, alien-to-alien telepathic communication must, by logic and necessity, be precise. The aliens must be able to convey advanced scientific concepts and mathematical equations on an extremely sophisticated level. Accuracy, clarity, and flexibility in communication would be absolutely essential for their accomplishments. Thus, clearly defined “intra-communication” between aliens parallels the requisites that human languages possess.

Aliens are often seen communicating with each other in private conversation and they are seen in group situations in which all participants are communicating. How rich their communication skills are is unknown, but they are obviously able to convey all that is needed to create their advanced civilization.

The aliens’ logical minds suggest that the interactions and thought processes with abductees are quite similar to those of humans. We are able to understand their commands, their desires, their motivations, and their procedures. Most areas of alien life are still mysterious, but the evidence suggests that given enough information, everything they do is amenable to human understanding, both through direct communication with abductees and by deduction afterward by researchers.

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