Alien Life over Theale?

AFTER increasing numbers of recent UFO reports, one of NASA’s own astronauts claiming little green men exist and bookies dropping the odds on Gordon Brown announcing alien life, it seems West Berkshire may have had an extra terrestrial visit of its own.

Chief photographer for the Newbury Weekly News, Geoff Fletcher, was sent out on a job in Calcot to snap a picture of a new development but came back with a photograph of an unexplained flying object.

His two subjects posed for the camera but so did the glowing ball of light hovering in the sky beyond their heads which, according to Photographer Fletcher, was there one second and gone the next.

The photograph was taken facing south at 6.30pm yesterday evening (Tuesday) and Mr Fletcher is convinced that the ball of light is not the earth’s sun because it is in the wrong place for the time of day.

He said he was sure that it wasn’t a defect with the camera or dust on the lens because the bright white light did not appear in other photo’s taken immediately after.

Our photographer said he does not believe in UFOs but could offer no explanation for the strange bright object.

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