Alien Hand and Skull Found in Ancient Peruvian Cave? with Video

By Douglas PatientPARANORMAL researchers are baffled after they discovered what appears to be an alien hand in a Peruvian cave.

UFO experts said the giant hand, which has three long spindly fingers, was found in Cusco, in south east Peru. According to the researchers, they found it while exploring caves and tunnels in the desert.

They claimed they also found a small mummified alien and elongated humanoid skull at the same spot.

Paranormal researcher Brien Foerster, who runs Hidden Inca Tours, examined the hand and is convinced they were genuinely from a humanoid creature.

According to Foerster, the person who found the hand did not want to sell it.

But the team was granted access because the owner was curious to learn about the nature of the strange object.

Foerster claimed that he and his team presented the “alien” hand to scientists in Cusco.

They conducted X-ray analysis and found that each of the three fingers had six bones. This is compared with human hands that have only three.

It was concluded the hand and skull were genuine biological objects, with real bone and skin tissues.

Alien Skull

Alien Skull

UFO experts claim the odd objects – which do resemble extraterrestrials – are undoubtedly alien skeletons.Pictures of the strange objects were revealed which show tiny, grey “bones” and “skulls” which appear to be from a creature about 2ft tall.

The skeletal remains were reportedly uncovered in a cave in the southern deserts of Peru.

Brian Foerester, of Hidden Inca Tours on YouTube, investigated the discovery and the find has stunned alien hunters.

Two pieces of skeletal remains from a pair of “grey aliens” were found.

The first was a fully formed “alien” about a foot tall, and the second was a skull from an alien who would have been around two foot tall.

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