Alien Encounter — Munroe Falls

David Morris, 19, a factory worker in Kent, Ohio, was driving home to Munroe Falls from work early in the morning of March 28, 1967.

At about 2:30 AM, while driving west along Little River Road, he topped a small hill and suddenly saw an orange-glowing object ahead of him.

It was in a field to his left, on the south side of the road, and was apparently hovering several feet above the ground. He described it later as a cone-shaped object about 25 feet tall and 12 feet wide at the base, with a small sphere on top.

As Morris slowed his car down for a better look, he saw four or five small figures scurrying quickly back and forth across the road, about 50 feet ahead of him.

They appeared between three and a half and four feet tall, and they gave off the same soft orange glow similar to the object.

Morris quickly slammed on his brakes but, unable to stop in time, struck one of the beings as it crossed the road to his right.

He heard a thump at the moment of impact, and saw the being’s raised hand as it was struck. He saw no fingers on this hand.

The car traveled another ten feet before it stopped. Morris turned and looked around, his hand on the door. He saw a group of little figures standing as if clustered about something lying on the road and, suddenly frightened, he sped off.

He did not report the incident to the police because he was convinced that whatever he struck had not been human.

The next day Morris found dents in his right front bumper that had not been there before. He mentioned the story to several of his co-workers, one of whom was acquainted with a reporter for a local newspaper.

This reporter alerted NICAP, and the incident was carefully investigated by Charles E. Toner and Roy Wiley of the Pittsburgh NICAP Subcommittee on several subsequent occasions.

In addition, Carol Clapp, the reporter for the Ravenna Record-Courier, did extensive checking on the case and provided NICAP with additional details.


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