Alien Crop Circles Debunked And The Theories

The debate on whether crop circles are made by aliens or humans is something that has been ongoing since the first reports of crop circle sighting was done in 1970. While promoters of alien theories believe the crop circles to be coded messages from the aliens, the realists and scientists refute this thought firmly.
The crop circles debunked theories
There are certain theories that are being put forward by the debunkers which do point out to the fact that the crop circles are nothing but the handiwork of mere mortals. These theories are discussed below.

Description of the video

The video shows the comments from Reg Presley, a renowned crop circle researcher who believes that about 95% of the crop circles are manmade. Presley, however, points to the enormous size of the crop circle with 409 spiral circles and comments that to produce something as huge as that it would require a lot of human effort and time. The video also shows Matthew who is a crop circle maker and shows the process of making crop circles with the help of stomper boards and markers. He reveals that there are different teams comprising of artists and graphic designers who take it as a challenge as in who can make the better crop circle overnight.

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