Alien Abductions !!

Alien Abductions

* What happens during an abduction.

* Who gets abducted and why.

* The top investigators of the abduction phenomenon.

Alien abductions! You have probably heard about alien abductions. They have been the subject of several movies and the popular television series “The X-Files.” It is a very complex phenomenon with many subtopics. The subject is emotionally charged, and not any one human on this planet has a complete understanding of all the aspects of the phenomenon. These abductions are a very important subject because they have become the source of much information about our alien visitors. This is a very complicated topic, so I’ll take it one step at a time.

An Overview

These abductions are real, and they are occurring worldwide. In short, alien visitors have been picking up and examining humans from all over the planet. All indications are that the number of people being picked up is in the millions worldwide. The patterns exhibited and the procedures performed are in many cases exactly like the ones we use to study wildlife and animals on our planet. Watch any nature show on television and you will see what I mean. We catch, tag, and take fluid samples from animals to study genetics, sociological interaction, and physical development. However, in this case, what complicates matters is the high level of our alien visitor’s technology. Their technology is so far advanced that it causes problems when trying to document and understand exactly what is going on.

The Technology

We are dealing with alien beings with technology that goes beyond our imagination. Their technology defies our definition of physical laws. Some of the things you are about to read are seemingly impossible, and many of the things will simply be unbelievable or difficult comprehend. That’s OK! I am not here to convince you of anything. I am simply sharing with you what has been reported by thousands of people around the world.

By many accounts several of the alien races are literally millions of years ahead of humans in technology. Think about this. Think of what we have developed just in the last hundred years. One hundred years ago there were no automobiles, airplanes, televisions, or telephones. Now imagine millions of years of such development. It’s almost incomprehensible. Try this: write out a list of all the things we have now that we didn’t have when your parents were your age. You’ll be astonished!

Let’s start with what a typical abduction experience looks like. Then I’ll break it down and talk about some of the more intriguing aspects. At the end of the chapter I’ll answer some frequently asked questions.

Defining Our Terms


For the purposes of the discussion about what I call abductions, I am going to refer to the people being beamed up and examined in spaceships as abductees. The very terms abduction and abductee imply a violation or an act against your will, certainly something not in your best interest. In fact this may or may not be true.

A case can and has been made that abductees may be voluntary participants at a level of consciousness our scientists do not yet understand. The events could also be compared to a small child undergoing a surgical procedure in a modern hospital. If no one were available to explain things to her, she might easily conclude she is being punished, or at least that things are being done to her against her will. Just something to think about.


This is a term some people use instead of abductee. It is in recognition that these experiences may not truly be abductions. This term can also include contacts with alien beings that do not fit the abduction scenario.


I consider this a whole different class of people. Contactees are people who claim to be in contact on an intellectual level with beings from other worlds or dimensions. There are many, many people around the world like this, and quite frankly, their stories sound every bit as credible as the abductees’ stories. For the most part none of these people are attempting to make money or gain fame with their stories and there seems to be no motivation for them to make up such tales. The most well known contactees and their remarkable stories are profiled in ‘The Best Cases of Alien Encounters’ on this website.

The Beginning of an Abduction Experience

Generally, abduction experiences happen in the home or while driving a car. Makes sense. If you want to abduct people you have to go where they are, especially late at night. And that’s usually at home in bed or driving a car. However, and this is important, abductions can and do occur anywhere, from hotel rooms, hospitals, prisons, in the city, and out in the country. Forget that old stereotype that only Gomer in the backwoods gets beamed up. A Harvard-educated CEO of a major corporation is just as likely to be an abductee.

Abductees often feel that an abduction experience is about to occur. They may see strange lights in front of them or hear weird humming noises. They often feel apprehensive for no other apparent reason. They will often simply state, “I knew it was going to happen.”

Usually at Night

Occurring most often late at night or in the early morning hours, the person will see figures or small beings at the foot of the bed. If they try to run, yell, or scream they find that they are paralyzed, except for their eyeballs, which for some reason, they can sometimes move. Even if they get a sound out, nobody else in the house can hear it. Everyone in the house will have been “switched off.” Not asleep, their brains and central nervous systems will somehow have been disconnected. (More about this later.) A spouse lying in bed next to an abductee will appear more dead than alive.

How They Happen

The abductee is then literally floated out of bed and out of the house, right through solid walls, doors, and often through closed glass windows. If they’re in a car, they’ll be beamed right through the roof of the car. They will ride on a beam of pale blue light, usually accompanied by one or more small beings. Many abductees are floated into a small craft about thirty feet across. That craft then takes them to a larger mothership. Sometimes the abductee is beamed a tremendous distance from the house into the mothership. When this happens, the abductee can see the ground, trees, and surrounding houses receding rapidly below. There is a lot of physical evidence confirming these beamings. Abductees have been returned to their beds with bits of leaves and branches in their hair that could only have come from the tops of tall trees that they brushed against while being beamed up.


Speaking of evidence, there is plenty, lots of tangible things that clearly show that a person was physically displaced. These are not dreams or imagination. In addition to the aforementioned tree leaves there is:

* Clothing that has been put on backwards.

* Band aids that have been removed and then put back in the wrong place.

* Stickers that an abductee put on his body in an effort to confirm his experiences. The sticker completely disappeared one night, only to show up in the same place on his body a week later. Yeah, yeah, I know, maybe it fell off in bed and stuck on him again later. No. He checked and changed the bed sheets after it first disappeared.

* Subdermal fluorescence left under the skin of abductees, which cannot be washed off.

* Full-color images of alien faces and hands left imbedded inside the glass of closed windows they have passed through.

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