Air Force Officer UFO Sighting: Extraterrestrial Vessel Spotted At ET White House Base

Unidentified flying objects have been a fascinating feature to most childhood fantasies. Aliens have always attracted people. But behind all these, there are things that are hard to explain. The case of Mr. Allen is not an exception to the rule. On July 20, 2010, in NW Washington, DC exactly at 3:18:07 AM, Mr. Allen imagined a slow moving Extraterrestrial, hyperdimensional spacecraft hovering in the sky. It occurred one mile southeast of the White House. Mr. Allen claimed to have seen a mysterious directed energy beam or strange ray of light within the White House’s vicinity.
As a former White House/Air Force Engineer and professional photographer, Will Allen claimed to have gathered photographs of extraterrestrial spacecraft coming in to land on the White House beneath the Potomac River. Mr. Allen grew up within the U.S military bases, and currently residing in Washington, DC. He recalled that at the age of five, there were about four to five grey extraterrestrials in silver spacesuits being implanted with a device. Throughout the years of his White House and military service, the implanted device went undetected. At the present, he is instructed to take photographs of the alien vessel, and the staff that enters P-56A restricted Capitol Hill through the hyperdimensional Star gates at high speeds, by giving him the signals to visit the locations in Washington, DC.
As a competent photographer, he believes that the photos are forensic in quality. Furthermore, it documents same intelligent hyperdimensional civilization behind July 16, 1952, and July 16, 2002, flyovers. On July 16, 2014, a live camera stream registered a beam of light directed to the building. Unfortunately, President Obama officially denies the proof. The public proximity and utter transparency of flying machine in the White House is a prima facie evidence of an “ET Disclosure” movement directed by the U.S. clandestine services and Rockefeller interests.
While the likelihood of life on other planets is compelling, the truth cannot be found through gatekeepers, be that in Hollywood, government, or elitist billionaires who documented ulterior motives.

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