Air Force Jet Shoots Down A UFO?

A UFO was shot down after it was picked up on the radar; Air Force officials have announced. A Su-30 MKI fighter jet of an Indian Air Force in Barmer, Rajistan has reportedly intercepted an unidentified flying object on January 26, 2016.
The object on radar was a balloon-shaped object and triggered an alert. According to the IAF, the Indian Air Force (IAF) radar picked up an unidentified balloon-shaped object between 10:30 and 11 am. Then an IAF fighter was ordered to intercept the object and bring it down. Debris from the object has been recovered and subjected to further investigation.
Some locals speculated that the object was a meteorological weather balloon from Pakistan or India. But the IAF has yet to confirm the object’s identity.
Located less than 300 miles from Jaipur, the Bamer village was first in the headline this month when locals reported seeing mysterious balls falling from the sky.

The police investigators who checked the area for debris reportedly retrieved five triangle-shaped pieces of a metal object, which were turnover to the IAF.
Many villagers had claimed that they heard a loud blast over a three-mile radius when the incident took place. Eyewitness Manoj Singh said he heard the explosion sound five times, and something went down after an aircraft flew by.
Last year, nearby Sinleejageer villagers heard similar blasts also in January, and the incident was still under investigation.
Some believe that the mysterious object was a spy equipment because it was above the border with Pakistan.

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