Actual Video and Photo Of A UFO Resembling Drone Make Rounds Online

A video and photo show a small scale model of new Russian military drone that resembles a space UFO as we know it. The one in the video and photo is only a 1:5 model. The actual drone will be 2000 lbs with 30-foot wingspan.
Known as the Chirok, it can land and launch in nearly any surface. It is a reconnaissance and strike drone made by the United Engineering Corporation. One thing unique about this UAV is that it can hover.
Around the bottom is the air-cushioned skirt, allowing the Chirok to travel and take off over land and water. It can go as high as 6,000 metres in altitude and fly up to 2,500 kilometres.
The UEC already built an initial 750kg model with 10-metre wingspan. The prototype will be showing its capability during a demonstration at annual 2015 trade show in Russia.
The maker says that it will start working on a much larger 2-tonne version of the drone designed to carry supplies, bombs, and missiles.

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