A UFO Photographed Over Leeds A Day After A UFO Report In Neighbouring Bradford

A man, who identifies himself as Martyn, said he spotted a UFO in Leeds. This sighting happened after a bright circular object was caught on video from the sky in a neighbouring city a day before.
The witness said that he noticed a brilliant white light at around 6:30 in the evening on February 8 at Kippax, Leeds. He said that the unusual aerial object changed in colours, which brought excitement to him while he was also overwhelmed by the sighting. He wanted to continue observing the odd aerial object, but he also thought of his wife who was waiting for him.
He said that his wife, as well as her brother, believed him when he told about his sighting. He said that his wife didn’t see any reason he would lie.
The images taken by Martyn look like a circular object caught by another person a day before in Bradford. But that was not the first time Martyn saw a UFO.
Martyn said he saw a bright light on 14 August 2014 at around 11 in the evening above the M62, heading towards the A1 in Castleford/Pontefract.
He said that he found a bright light while driving together with his partner’s brother. They tried to know if the object was moving, but it was hard for them because they were driving.
They concluded, however, that the object was moving slowly. They both believed right there that they saw something unusual and convinced that it was not a plane. Martyn said that they could distinguish an aircraft from a UFO because there were many planes in the area too. Martyn added that the object was not moving fast enough to be considered as a plane. The object then ascended and disappeared after two or three seconds.

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