A Request for Experienced Investigators Alien Abductions

It is extremely important that therapists (and serious investigators) become involved in helping abductees. Most abductees are alone with no one to turn to and no place to obtain help or even gain a sympathetic ear. Very often just being able to voice their fears, concerns, and feelings can be an enormous help to them. Others may want to delve more deeply into their memories and experiences by undergoing hypnosis.

At present there are quite a few therapists who work with abductees, but many of them are heavily influenced by New Age and aliens-as-Space-Brother ideas. They tend toward religious, transformational, spiritual, and mystical interpretations of UFOs and abductions.  These interpretations are reflective of the therapist’s “mind-set,” and have no relation whatsoever to the actual phenomenon.  Unfortunately, they can transfer their particular agenda to abductees during hypnotic sessions and join together with them in mutually confirmational fantasies.  These individuals are sometimes helpful to a few like-minded abductees, but more often they are detrimental to abductees’ well-being and lead them into fantasies rather than dealing objectively with the abduction phenomenon and its effects on the abductees’ lives.

If you would like to contribute to the investigation of abductions using agenda-free investigative and therapeutic strategies, I will send you an e-mail packet of information about techniques of hypnosis, protocols of investigation, proper questioning procedures, and problems in therapy. If you are serious and would like to become more active, please send me your vita and a request for information. Label the subject line “Therapist Info.”

I would appreciate any appropriate feedback from you. We are all still in the learning stage of investigation and treatment. We must all learn from one another.

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