A Couple Reports UFO Sighting Over West Virginia

A couple reported having seen a triangle-shaped UFO moving low over West Virginia on September 25, 2014, Thursday at around 8:40 p.m. The sighting was filed to the witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network.
The witnesses from Elkins were travelling south on Beverly Pike when two bright orange lights came to their view hovering very low in the sky.
According to the report, the right light was higher than the one on the left, making them assumed that the object had just changed direction. When the witnesses managed to get closer on the mysterious lights, another white light was observed in the front of the first two lights, thus making a triangular formation.
The couple described the orange lights as hour-glass shaped object. They both said that the night sky that time was clear with no clouds to affect their view of the mysterious aerial activity.
The witnesses are convinced that they were not the only ones who witnessed the lights on that night. However, at least one other witness has yet to come forward to make the same claim as of this writing.
The witnesses described the area as heavily populated with many businesses. The object reportedly travelled directly over major shopping centers and several residences. The witnesses claimed further that they stopped over at a Ford dealership to see the object passing slowly at very low altitude.
The report says that the UFO was flying as if it was a plane about to land. The UFO did not fly away or move, but just disappeared without a trace.
According to the witnesses, the triangular object passed over them and disappeared as if using a cloaking technology. After the disappearance of the object, all they could see were stars.

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