UFO on the Radar, USSR

A radar visual case from the USSR began on an evening in 1985 at 4:10 AM when Aeroflot flight 8352 observed a strange yellow light while cruising at 30,000 feet in clear conditions.

A “blob” shot out and downward from the light, and projected a cone of brilliant (greenish?) light at the ground below. Two additional beams appeared, and features on the ground could be seen to be illuminated.

One beam then swung around and illuminated the aircraft cabin. The light appeared to approach and resolved into a greenish luminosity as much as several degrees in extent, which then paralleled their course. “There were multiple lights of different colors and fiery zig-zags that crossed the vapor.

“It lit up like a Christmas tree.”

At this point, the aircraft was coming within range of the ground controller, who could then also see the object. The object seemed to change shape. “It developed an ‘appendage’ and then ‘became’ a ‘wingless cloud-aircraft with a pointed tail’ (the spike?).

The yellow and green glow, like phosphorescence, was eerily intertwined”.

A second aircraft was vectored nearby and also could see the object near the first aircraft. Talinn approach radar detected the aircraft and the object, and also experienced unusual radar interference.

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