Could These be Flying Saucers? Mystery Image from Digital Camera

Mystery… images taken on a digital camera

Photograph by Benjamin Gaut


Published: 16 May 2008-A TEEN has taken pictures of two UFOs on his step-dad’s digital camera.

Ben Gaut, 16, and his step-dad Daniel Aldrich, 33, were watching drama series Heroes on TV when they looked through their living room window to see two weird lights hovering in the night sky.

Seeing red … possible UFO sighting

They went upstairs and quick-thinking Ben took photos of the objects on a camera at 9.40pm last Saturday.

A spooked Mr Aldrich, of Gravesend, Kent, said: “At first we presumed it was a plane but it did not seem to conform to normal tail lights from a plane.

“The light was moving from north to south over the west of Gravesend and then changed direction and headed out west.

“My son took some pictures with my digital camera, although taken from a distance, when zoomed in they seem quite strange. It could be a UFO sighting.”

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